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I’m Dr. Jacqueline Sherman (aka Dr. Jac). A Licensed Psychologist, Intimacy and Relationship Coach, and Military Spouse. And do you know what bothers me? The fact that women don’t feel they have the permission to love themselves or ask for the type of pleasure they want. This is a problem we can solve if we start talking about it more. I'm on a mission to start that conversation...

I’ve been in this intimacy and relationship game for a while- and it just never gets old (especially since I’m doing what I love!) I’ve been saving marriages and helping couples have better sex lives through therapy for almost a decade. I have a bachelor’s and master’s degree in psychology from Florida A&M University and a Ph.D. in clinical psychology from the Virginia Consortium Program in Clinical Psychology. I’m also a graduate of the Dr. Rachael Institute where I became a Certified Clinical Sexuality Coach. I’ve presented my research on sexuality at conferences nationwide and have been a Psychology of Sex Instructor to a host of interesting undergrads. To say the least, I’ve learned a thing or two about sex and relationships over the years- but my best teacher was experience. 

Welcome Love!

I understand (all too well) that owning and asking for the pleasure you want and deserve is challenging for most women. I've been there. And It felt lonely and shameful to admit it. Once I let go of the sexual scripts I was holding onto that weren't true, my access to pleasure and entire sex life changed. My voice became louder and I became unapologetic about my needs. 

Over my career I’ve helped hundreds of women accept and learn that owning one’s pleasure is the key to having better sex and relationships. But this type of sexual freedom doesn’t just happen- it’s a practice! There is a skill, a habit, and an intentional mindset required. There is a science to this process, and working with a coach like myself ensures accountability and fiery results!

Did you Know?


I was terrified to be married

before I met my husband. 



My favorite T.V. show is Sex and the City


I am allergic to flowers, but 

buy them for myself often.

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