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Better Sex Now:
The Power Program 

A virtual, 8-week transformational program, where I help you have long-lasting relationships and better sex. This signature program will help you free yourself of unwanted thoughts and embrace the essence of your sensuality. Taking you through a blend of practical and personal transformations so you can confidently step into the new, more fulfilled version of your sexually empowered self. 

10% of women ‘never feel confident’ about their body or ability during sex. 

This doesn't have to be your


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Be the Master of Your Sex Life 

When I got married to the man of my dreams I thought intimacy would be easy. I also figured that since I was a psychologist communication about everything ‘relationship-oriented’ would be so natural. Well, then reality hit. 


I found out quickly, I am not special or different. I am just a woman. And women have been having a hard time discussing sex and intimacy since the beginning of time (because the world we live in has not equipped us with the tools to do so). 


So I went on a quest to find my sexual empowerment- no matter the cost. My husband encouraged this journey and offered to help. But I knew that finding my sexual freedom was an inside job. So I took on the responsibility and became committed to the cause. Because the truth is...nobody is responsible for your happiness, but you. 


I've learned to master my sex life by voicing my desires, getting out of my head, and becoming compassionately present with my body. This my love, has led to some of the most electrifying sex of my life!


I didn’t get here because I’m unique. I got here through vulnerable and courageous action. I had the audacity to make myself and my relationship a priority. I’d love to show you just how to do the same. 


You've got this!

Sexual Confidence

Every woman deserves to find and feel acceptance. Redefine what sexual confidence means to you!

Join our safe space where you can unpack your feelings and awaken your desires. 

Embrace Your


This program is for you if...

You want long lasting results 

Your sex drive is low or completely gone 

You’re tired of not feeling confident in the bedroom 

You’d like to initiate sex more

Sex hasn’t been the same since having kids 

You want to get better at giving and receiving pleasure 

This program is NOT for you if...

You’re not ready or able to invest in a better sex life 

You cannot admit you need help 

You want instant results without doing any work 

You’re only interested in your partner changing  

You’re closed off to new experiences 

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Better Sex Now:
The Power Program 

An introspective group coaching experience that helps you discover your sexual confidence- on your own terms.

Break through the mental barriers and embrace pleasure!

Pleasure isn’t just an experience- it’s a journey. 

There is joy on the other side of healing!



Increase your sex drive. 

Tell your partner what you want and get it!

Be more relaxed during sex!

Talk about sex and pleasure without embarrassment. 

Quiet the inner voice that takes you out of the moment. 

Fall in love with yourself and your body. 

“There are tons of intimacy coaches out there, but very few who understand the challenges of long-distance relationships and who actually treat self-care as more than a buzzword. Dr. Jac is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to healing, forgiveness, self-love and intimacy. She handles you delicately in an effort to build trust, and you can count on her methods working because she often recommends what she and her husband have successfully tried!”

 -Alisa, Long-Distance Relationship, 8 yrs 


Our Secret Sauce



LIVE group-coaching (eight 90-min sessions) with me to ask questions and get personalized and powerful insights to expedite your Better Sex Now journey. I don’t just provide information- I'm an implementation and transformation girl! I’ll hold your hand through this courageous process, but won’t hesitate to give you a (loving) kick in the butt when needed.


Accountability is the name of the game! In this program you will build a pleasure tribe of like-minded besties who will not only understand your struggles, but openly hold space for you to feel more alive and confident. You will notice yourself feeling less alone and more connected- almost instantly!

It's the Bonuses for me


I’ll share with you my favorite industry sexperts that will coach you on special topics (i.e., tantric sex, sexless marriages, painful sex, etc.). You’ll have the ability to chat with them live and get all your burning questions answered.  


PLUS, you can have this moment- for life! No need to worry about missing any info. You’ll forever be able to return to what you've learned in the program and have access to additional information that’s released. 


Filled with yummy tools designed to help you to start having better sex, now! The workbook includes meditations, intimacy affirmations, anatomy diagrams, and lots of resources.

Overview of Modules

Mind-Body Connection 


Sexual Shame 


 Body Positivity 


Find Your Voice  


Sexual Self-Care 


Develop Fantasy 


Increase Desire  


Sexual Freedom 


The  Investment

One Payment of 


Four Payments of 


  • How do I join the Better Sex Now Coaching Program?
    There is a brief application process to make sure that my coaching services are a good fit for your intimacy and relationship needs. After you have submitted an application you will be contacted within 24-hrs via email with an update from me. If you are a good fit for my coaching services you will then receive a link to schedule a 20-min discovery call to discuss your intimacy goals and how my group coaching services can help.
  • How often will we meet?
    We will have one 90-min coaching session per week for 8 weeks. There are also additional bonus guest expert sessions and Q&A sessions in the private FB community.
  • Can I join the program if I am male?
    Currently, my group coaching services are limited to women only.
  • When are the weekly sessions held?
    Once the cohort is full the meeting time will be decided based on your schedule. I will send out a survey with available times to determine the best time to meet for everyone's schedule.
  • What if I can’t make all (or any) of the weekly sessions?
    It would be fantastic if you could join every call LIVE, but sometimes life won’t allow for that. You will still have access to each session because they will be recorded and shared only with your cohort group members. You also have access to the FB group where you can get questions answered and gain additional support.
  • What will it be like talking about sex with women I don’t know?
    It will likely feel very vulnerable at first. But you can rest assured that you are in good hands. I will be sure to facilitate a space where you feel safe and seen. All group members are screened and will be like-minded, supportive, compassionate souls. You will find that the power of learning and growing together in a loving community is unmatched.
  • What if I am single; is the program still a good fit for me?
    Yes! I have coached many women who are single and they have found themselves feeling much more confident and in tune with their desires, pleasure, wants, and needs. The most important relationship you have is your relationship with yourself. Honing your pleasure is done on your own, so let’s create a love affair with you- first. Check out this video testimonial.
  • What if I have been through trauma?
    I am a trained trauma specialist and coach from a trauma-informed perspective. You will learn tools to help support you in your healing journey, but because this experience is not therapy we will not process trauma during our time together. People heal from trauma in stages, and this is a process. Everyone may not be ready to get more connected to their body or to become open for more pleasure. This is okay. Depending on the nature and severity of the trauma you may consider working with a trauma specialist in psychotherapy first before joining the group. If you have more questions about your unique situation please email me directly at
  • Are payment options available?
    Yes. You can pay in full up front, or make monthly payments throughout the course of the program. If you pay in full you get an additional bonus- one private coaching call with me. You can decide the date and time you'd like to complete this coaching call.
  • Do you offer refunds?
    Yes, if for any reason you do not feel this program is the right fit for you after your first week of coaching you may be entitled to a full refund. Refunds are not granted for those who have not participated in the first 10 days of the coaching experience.
  • What if I identify as LGBTQIA+?
    My services are open to all individuals, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. I am a culturally-sensitive Intimacy and Relationship coach and have a deep knowledge of diversity and multicultural issues. I welcome diversity in all forms, and will create a safe environment for you to feel seen and heard. I’ve worked with many people and couples who identify as LGBTQIA+.
  • What is the difference between coaching and therapy?
    While coaching and therapy have some overlap, coaching is typically characterized by a present/future orientation. Coaching typically focuses on the client's strengths, specific outcomes, helps clients learn skills to reach their full potential. There is no diagnosing or focus on mental health issues in coaching. It is important to remember that the coaching field is not regulated by any rules, regulations, or governing bodies. Secondly, coaching is NOT reimbursable by insurance. Also, coaching is NOT appropriate for help for mental health issues and diagnoses. If you’re struggling with a mental health issue that you would like assistance with you would need to speak with a licensed mental health professional. While coaching may evoke clients to change, therapy focuses more on underlying mental health issues and understanding why that change is necessary. Therapy typically involves past understanding of issues and focuses on evidence-based assessments, interventions, and treatments to address those issues. Therapy is most appropriately conducted by a licensed mental health professional. Because licensed mental health professionals have a set of rules and regulations to follow and are governed by a larger board (usually in their state), therapy follows a set of rules and regulations as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

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