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 1 in 4 women will lose a baby during pregnancy, delivery, or infancy. 


The number is three. This is how many miscarriages my mother had before she became pregnant with me (her first born). Her dream of becoming a mother trumped her fear that motherhood was never going to happen for her, so she prayerfully kept trying. 

She is not alone. Pregnancy and infant loss impacts so many women, and most suffer in silence. In 2019, I too felt the pain of miscarriage after my husband and I had been trying to get pregnant for months. After this trauma and loss my heart and spirit were broken. I felt disconnected from my body. The thought of being intimate made me uncomfortable and sad. 

My experience has led me to be a strong advocate for women who have dealt with this type of gut-wrenching loss. Hence, my coaching services include unique resources and additional support for women who have experienced such loss. 


Coaching Bonuses

For mothers who have experienced pregnancy loss or fertility struggles, I understand this is a textured journey for you. I am here to stand with you and uplift you in moments when you feel distressed. 

Conversation starters (centered around pregnancy and infancy loss) to help rebuild intimacy with your partner 

Journal prompts to aid your healing journey 

Loving-Kindness Mindfulness Meditation 

Community resource list for additional support 

"After trying to conceive for years sex felt like a chore." 

Have you been trying to conceive and you need some support? Check out this testimonial!

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