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Bringing a raw and authentic  edge to speaking

What makes me dynamic & different:
I speak about the head and heart of sex. 


I provide your audience with an experience- not a lecture. I come ready with exploratory activities to get your attendees outside of their head and into their heart and body. 

I will create a deep level of intimacy with your audience. My vulnerable and relatable approach is guaranteed to have your audience feeling more connected, assured, and less alone.

Your audience will get the facts.

I provide a blend of research, stories, and pleasure driven frameworks that will make sexuality less confusing and more accessible. 

"Dr. Jac had very little time to prepare for a virtual session for my national organization, Big Sister Little Sister (BSLS) Mentoring Program. She exceeded our expectations with how comfortable she made our members and leadership team feel while addressing very sensitive topics such as mental health, emotional health, physical health, body image, stress, relationships and provided invaluable resources to ensure members stay on track. Albeit a virtual event, she set a tone that made everyone feel safe and comfortable. I speak for the entire organization when I say she set a new standard within BSLS for guest speakers. We highly recommend her and are grateful for the gems that everyone was able to walk away with!”

-Aneisha Hughes, Founder & CEO of Big Sister Little Sister
A Nationwide Mentoring Program for Women

Topics I Love!

Sexual Freedom & Confidence:


Confidence and freedom are rooted in self-compassion and joy. This is where pleasure lies. I enjoy speaking to women about giving themselves permission to extend the grace they have for others inward. 

Overcoming Perfectionism:


High-achieving women often feel the pressure to do it all, well! I help women confront their perfectionism and the pressure to always have to perform- especially in the bedroom.  

Shame and Miscarriage:


1 in 8 couples are affected by infertility. Women who have experienced infertility often struggle with self-judgment and negative emotions related to their bodies. I am passionate about helping women normalize these experiences and help them heal. 

“Dr. Jac was phenomenal! She brought such calming energy to the room. Our attendees were so complimentary on how she created such a safe space for them to feel empowered. She was also so full of knowledge and provided practical strategies for our audience to practice on their own. We can’t wait to have her back!”

-Stephanie A. Jones, Owner of Women at Werk
A Global Women's Networking and Empowerment Movement

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