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The First Sexual Wellness Card Deck For Women

After a decade of helping women and couples have better sex and relationships, Clinical Psychologist, Sexologist, and Intimacy Coach Dr. Jacqueline H. Sherman (aka Dr. Jac) presents Sexfirmation Cards®.


Sexfirmation Cards


Sexfirmation Cards® are an innovative, proven, 3-step practice, to help women boost their sexual confidence and deepen intimacy. The deck is encased in a luxe magnetic keepsake box, lined in gold foiling. For her intimate discretion, a custom velvet travel satchel is included.  


Meet the Creator 

Dr. Jacqueline Sherman (aka Dr. Jac) is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Intimacy and Relationship Coach. She helps modern, ambitious, high-achieving women discover their sexual confidence, heal from the past, and cultivate unapologetic intimacy and pleasure.


Her speciality is working with women who have experienced pregnancy loss and/or fertility issues. She coaches from a positive perspective that integrates the mind and the heart. She is passionate about helping women overcome perfectionism, body image issues, and judgmental thoughts that distract from passion and pleasure. She strongly believes that a powerful woman is a liberated woman!

The Method

Sexfirmation Cards® are a guided solo-practice to cultivate your sexual self-care. They use a 3-Step Practice to help manage your mind, deepen your dialogue, and explore your body. 



Step 1: 25 Self-Reflection Cards- Journaling prompts to uncover mental blocks that impede sexual confidence.

Step 2: 25 Conversation Cards- Discussion prompts to increase comfort with sexual communication.

Step 3: 10 Exploration Cards- Exploration prompts to encourage new activities for enhanced pleasure 

Additionally, each card contains a unique affirming sex confidence statement- curated to cultivate desire, self-acceptance, and sexual empowerment. 

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