Coaching doesn't
have to be

Because sexual freedom doesn't just happen. It's a skill!

Have a better sex life

Feel more alive, present, and in love

with your body

Have more confidence, curiosity, and


Talk about sex without embarrassment

Find the time for sex and pleasure 

Have a more fulfilled relationship


Coaching is not 
for you if...

You're not ready to

accept help 

You’re unable to invest in

your intimacy  

You want a better sex life,

without putting in effort  

You only think your partner

should change 

Stop Settling!

You deserve to prioritize your pleasure.

Are you tired of sex being a last priority? 
You might find yourself wondering how people fit intimacy into their schedules because you simply don’t have the time. Your partner probably voices they would like more sex in the relationship. 

Are you done with unwanted thoughts during sex? 
I bet during sex you're constantly thinking about whether your partner is enjoying it, or you’re in your head about how tired you feel (hoping your partner will just hurry up).   

Are you sick of hating your body? 
You might feel unattractive and cannot stop focusing on your ‘body flaws’. It might be hard to accept compliments, and embracing changes to your body has been a struggle over the years.  


Dr. Jac's 


My signature framework hits the sweet spot (pun intended) between education, action, and process. It’s practical, yet deep. It provides tools to help you have a better sex life while building your self-confidence and ability to experience new and exciting pleasure. 

“We have what I would consider a wonderful relationship. Despite this great gift, there was one situation that we had a problem coming to an agreement on- sex. We researched several coaches and were drawn to Dr. Jac. We were both very positive and optimistic after our first session. Over the next several months Dr. Jac’s knowledge, wisdom, and advice afforded us the opportunity to connect at a level we’ve never experienced before in our marriage. She got us to confront “demons” from our past that were hindering our deepest level of intimacy. For this, we are eternally grateful. Each session was a continual eye opener as to why we functioned and perceived sex the way we did. Today, my partner and I are at a much better place thanks to Dr. Jac and her many exercises. Her insight helped us to see things from the other person’s perspective while gaining a better understanding of our own inner feelings. Thank you so much Dr. Jac! There are absolutely no words to fully describe our deepest and sincerest appreciation for your tutelage.” 

Anonymous Couple, Together 12 yrs  


Joy and pleasure go hand in hand. The more you practice self-pleasure the more likely it is that you’ll reach the Big O. Self-pleasure also helps you challenge sexual shame and build confidence. Self-intimacy is the name of this game!


Explore your mindset. Say it with me: “Sex starts in the mind!” 
90% of our thoughts are from the past and most are not serving us well. You will explore your thoughts and beliefs, stuck points, and challenge those unwanted thoughts that have been denying you pleasure.  


Willingness to accept the past and welcome new ideas is priceless. This is where forgiveness, relearning, and acceptance takes place. It is such an important part of the healing journey and helps one become sexually empowered.


Express yourself and set sexual boundaries. Oftentimes women lack the language and permission to ask for what they want. Fear not, because you will be well equipped with the confidence you need to have all the sexual conversations your heart desires. 


Live in the moment. Get out of your mind and into your pleasure! You will develop a mindfulness practice that will help you not only in the bedroom, but in all areas of your life. Learning to be present is such a gift- but it takes practice and intentionality to become a habit. 

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“I had the privilege of working with Dr. Jac for several years. She is a well-respected psychologist and coach who provides compassionate care. Dr. Jac, an expert in the field of sex/intimacy coaching, sexuality, and overcoming sexual dysfunction, is a champion for sex education, prevention of risky sexual behaviors, and reducing stigma/shame related to sexual behaviors. Dr. Jac’s ability to understand people and make a powerful impact on their life extends beyond the therapy room and into her relationships with colleagues, family, friends, and the community.”

   Michelle L. Smith, Ph.D Licensed Clinical Health Psychologist     

What's in store for you?

8-weeks of high value coaching (LIVE virtual sessions) teaching you actionable implementation steps to help you have better sex

Sexuality Assessment and Sexuality Coaching Plan uniquely tailored to meet your intimacy goals

An accountability partner that will support and push you

Unlimited Email Support 

Let's Talk Bonuses

diamond (1).png

A personalized resource list to build your sexual strengths

diamond (1).png

My Pleasure Power Workbook- tools for building desire including intimacy affirmations, sex and pleasure journal prompts, relationship building questions, and so much more

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Mindfulness Guided Body Scans- audio recordings to build your awareness and mind-body connection


“Dr. Jac is a Dr. for a reason! Her coaching abilities around sex and intimacy are unmatched! I am a military spouse with two small children. Summer of 2020, my husband and I became long distance for six months due to an Army training. I was nursing at the time and my libido was extremely low. However, Dr. Jac set up virtual sessions where she provided me with coaching tips and resources to keep things spicy- even from afar! I strongly recommend her services to any woman looking for fun and creative intimacy experiences. Dr. Jac takes ish to a whole “notha” level.” 

           Devon, School Psychologist, Married 7 yrs

The  Investment

One Payment of 


Four Payments of 


How do I get started with 1-on-1 coaching?

There is a brief application process to make sure that my coaching services are a good fit for your intimacy and relationship needs. After you have submitted an application you will be contacted within 24-hrs via email with an update from me. If you are a good fit for my coaching services you will then receive a link to schedule a 20-min discovery call to discuss your intimacy goals and how my coaching services can help.

How often will we meet?

We will have eight 60-minute coaching sessions. Sessions typically occur weekly or bi-weekly, depending upon your schedule. You will also have access to me for Q&A through unlimited email support.

Are your 1-on-1 coaching services available to men?

Yes, currently my 1-on-1 services are open to women and men. However, I typically work with women.

When are the sessions held?

Sessions are dependent on the client's schedule.

What will it be like talking about sex to someone I don’t know?

It will likely feel vulnerable at first. But you can rest assured that you are in good hands. I will be sure to facilitate a space where you feel safe, seen, and heard. My therapeutic background makes me uniquely suited to create an environment that is nonjudgmental, open, and compassionate.

What if I am single; is the program still a good fit for me?

Yes! I have coached many women who are single and they have found themselves feeling much more confident and in tune with their desires, pleasure, wants, and needs. The most important relationship you have is your relationship with yourself. Honing your pleasure is done on your own, so let’s create a love affair with you- first. Check out this video testimonial.

What if I have been through trauma?

I am a trained trauma specialist and coach from a trauma-informed perspective. You will learn tools to help support you in your healing journey, but because this experience is not therapy we will not process trauma during our time together. People heal from trauma in stages, and this is a process. Everyone may not be ready to get more connected to their body or to become open for more pleasure. This is okay. Depending on the nature and severity of the trauma you may consider working with a trauma specialist in psychotherapy first before joining the group. If you have more questions about your unique situation please email me directly at

Are payment options available?

Yes. You can pay in full up front or make monthly payments throughout the course of us meeting together.

Do you offer refunds?

Yes. But, I guarantee you’ll be satisfied with the results if you do the work. If for any reason you do not feel this program is the right fit for you after your first week of coaching you may be entitled to a refund. Refunds are not granted for those who have not participated in the coaching experience.

What if I identify as LGBTQIA+?

My services are open to all individuals, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. I am a culturally-sensitive Intimacy and Relationship coach and have a deep knowledge of diversity and multicultural issues. I welcome diversity in all forms, and will create a safe environment for you to feel seen and heard. I’ve worked with many people and couples who identify as LGBTQIA+.

What is the difference between coaching and therapy?

While coaching and therapy have some overlap, coaching is typically characterized by a present/future orientation. Coaching typically focuses on the client's strengths, specific outcomes, helps clients learn skills to reach their full potential. There is no diagnosing or focus on mental health issues in coaching. It is important to remember that the coaching field is not regulated by any rules, regulations, or governing bodies. Secondly, coaching is NOT reimbursable by insurance. Also, coaching is NOT appropriate for help for mental health issues and diagnoses. If you’re struggling with a mental health issue that you would like assistance with you would need to speak with a licensed mental health professional.

While coaching may evoke clients to change, therapy focuses more on underlying mental health issues and understanding why that change is necessary. Therapy typically involves past understanding of issues and focuses on evidence-based assessments, interventions, and treatments to address those issues. Therapy is most appropriately conducted by a licensed mental health professional. Because licensed mental health professionals have a set of rules and regulations to follow and are governed by a larger board (usually in their state), therapy follows a set of rules and regulations as well.

Frequently Asked Questions