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 Imagine taking your next romantic getaway to a
Deeper Level!

"Dr. Jac is super relatable." 

How the spark is lit! 

Intimacy building activities that will have you and your partner connecting on levels you've never imagined. 
Conversations that will lead to discussions around your inner most wants and desires (including fantasies). 
Fun and spontaneous activities you can use in your love and sex life for years to come.
A Couple’s Pleasure Power Plan of actionable next steps for each couple, to meet their specific intimacy needs.  

“Dr. Jac is simply the best! Her knowledge and expertise when it comes to sex and intimacy between couples as well as helping women build sexual confidence is unmatched. She is relatable, a great listener, professional and so easy to talk to. My partner and I have benefited significantly from completing the recommended activities that she gave us to help strengthen and grow our level of intimacy in our marriage. She has challenged us to have tough or uncomfortable conversations which have made us truly listen to and value each other’s needs in a way that we never even realized was an area we needed to improve in. He implemented her tips immediately, which says a lot because he doesn’t listen to many people lol. But in all seriousness, we have learned so much in just a short amount of time working with Dr. Jac and I can’t wait to see what new heights our marriage reaches because of the tools she has equipped us with. Dr. Jac truly has a gift and is walking in her craft 100%. If you, your partner or anyone else you know would benefit from speaking with someone regarding intimacy in any capacity, she is the coach for you!”

Mel, Occupational Therapist, Married 5 yrs  

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